Pleasure and Pain.


(February 8th, 1994)

Welcome to the cruel World


(August 1st, 1995)

Fight For Your Mind.


(Juni 17th, 1997)

The Will to Live.


(September 21st, 1999)

Burn to Shine.

(March 11th, 2003)

Diamonds on the Inside.

(september 20th, 2004)

There will be a light.

(March 21st, 2006)

Both Sides of the Gun

(From 1992 to 2006)

Special Live.


These tablatures are either the result of a personal work, or come from sources, which appear me sure...I've tried to present the best scores to you in the best format.

If you 're interested by one of the tabs, I advise you to upload the picture then to look at it at home for a best quality...or to use guitar-pro in order to reduce the uploading times (not necessary to wait for the picture, go directly to the link at the bottom of the page).