Jah Work.

For this superb track from "The Will to live" , you have to use several acoustic guitars, of which one is a 12-strings...

I offer you the tab in two formats : a picture and with guitar-pro ( for the ones who don't know guitar-pro : click here for a trial version ). Several pages this time for uploading questions. There is one page per guitar.

- guitar 1
- guitar 2
- guitar 3

The guitars are tuned one tone lower ( D, G, C, F, A, D ). The tempo is 120.

With guitar-pro : Jah Work (47 Ko). The bass is on the fourth track...See the bass tab under a picture format : jah work-bass.

Moreover I offer you the live version :


And the structure is : Riff A Intro, Riff B Verses, Riff C Refrain, Riff A Ad lib.

Lyrics :

Tell me do you really know
your brother man
cause a heart speaks louder
than a colour can
and why would you even
shake a man's hand
if you're going
to help him stand

Jah work
Jah work
Jah work is never done

Every man's actions
belong to he
if prepared for thereafter
to each his destiny
some people believe
and some people know
some people deceive
and some people show

Jah work
Jah work
Jah work is never done

You must do the heaviest
so many shall do none
you have got to stand firm
so many shall run
some they rest their head at night
some get no sleep at all
if you listen close to what you see
you will hear the call