Bring the funk.

In the vain of the funk legends, Ben Harper brings the funk over the top, and tears the roof off the sucka! When you hear the song, you sit in shock and disbelief that it is Ben Harper’s voice behind the music and not George Clinton, or someone from Sly and the Family Stone. This will be a concert favorite, and there really is no more FUN track in the entire Ben Harper catalog.

Lyrics :

When it's all in one
you know the funks begun
When you're down and out
There ain't no doubt
You need the funk
Just bring the funk
Bring the funk
Bring the funk

Now what's the problem
Everybody's got 'em
Just (?) hope
I've sold
And bring the funk
Bring me funk
Bring the funk

If you got a glass closet
Don't you throw no bones
There's only gettin
Until the gettins gone
So pass me the funk
Got to have my funk
Need funk
Some are jivin'
Some are shook
Some are just down on their luck
They just need the funk
Just bring them some funk
Bring it ,bring it, bring it

Stay black, stay white,
Stay brown, get on down
Just bring funk
Bring the funk
I need it, i need it

Well it's got to be solid
If thats what call it
Funk me up, funk me down, funk me sideways, funk me always
Bring the funk
Got to bring the funk
Bring the funk

Somethings money can't fix
Somethings only money will do the trick
Is not the end of the world
But I can see it from here
So bring me the funk
Just bring me the funk
Bring me the funk