Better way

This track of the "Both Sides of the Gun" album, is the first single. The idea of this song probably comes from the song "With my own two hands". When Ben Harper used to play this song live, he used to song with the crowd : " I believe in a better way"

Lyrics :

i'm a living sunset
lightning in my bones
push me to the edge
but my will is stone

fools will be fools
and wise will be wise
but i will look this world
straight in the eyes

what good is a man
who won't take a stand
what good is a cynic
with no better plan

reality is sharp
it cuts at me like a knife
everyone i know
is in the fight of their life

take your face out of your hands
and clear your eyes
you have a right to your dreams
and don't be denied

i believe in a better way