Electric guitars.

Since "The Will to Live" album, Ben Harper has been playing on classic electric guitars. We can say that it's JP, his manager who encouraged to do it. And since this moment, we can say that he takes a liking to it. Ben Harper uses different models : a 1957 Sunburst Strat Fender, a Telecaster, a Gibson ES-335 Gibson, a Les Paul Junior Gibson from the fifties, a Melody Maker Gibson from the fifties, and also deux double-neck guitars from Gibson (EDS-1875 double-neck models, in black and in white, adapted to the slide on one of the two necks). So a beautiful collection, which probably will be more important in the future... some pictures of these models.


Ben Harper amplifies the sound of his guitars with different amps : For the crunch sound he uses a Demeter amp, for a good clean sound, he uses a Soldano preamp with a state amp. Finally for the Asher and the Strato he uses a Roland power amp with a Marshall 4x10 loudspeaker. He also uses a 100 W Marshall of 1969 and 4 speakers 12 inches.

About the pickups : Single-coil Bill Lawrence microphones and double-coil for the Asher, humbuckers Seymour Duncan (read the interview of Ben about Seymour microphones: there), the Sunrises and finally a Fernandes humbucker and a sustain.