Ben Harper, apart fom the famous Weissenborn he plays, is a follower of acoustic guitars. His numerous acoustic songs, which have been an important part of his succes are played on different models. Ben seems to be a fan of vintage Gibson, like the LG-2 model from the Fourties, the J-45 and also the J-160 model from the Fifties. He also plays on a Martin 00-18 of 1958 and on a Nationale tri-corne, which he never uses on stage. But the model he uses most of the time is probably the customised ECW80 Maton made with a maple body. Several pictures to let you realize what models Ben Harper used to play :


To amplify the sound of his acoustic guitars, Ben uses different pich ups... First the famous Sunrise pcik ups (passive direct boxes Sunrise model and interfaces tubes), which are simply awesome. For the Maton, he uses a pickup/preamp system AP5 of Maton, qualified "awesome" by Ben Harper.