Peter Harper

Peter Harper is also an artist, he is a sculptor. He has a Web site on which he presents his works:

Extract from the document written by a student from La Jolla :

Peter Harper, Ben's brother, also helps run the store. He approaches Chase and asks him how much a certain flute costs.

Chase looks at it for a minute before saying, "Well, a few years ago it was $27. I guess it still is."

Peter nods his head and returns to the phone. "It's $47," he says into the receiver. He continues, "No, I don't normally play it, but I can try it out for you if you want."

He then plays a few notes on the flute so the customer can hear it before coming in. "Sure I'll hold it here for you," Peter says before hanging up.

Every Wednesday at 9:30 a.m., Chase and Peter run a children's group in which they tell about instruments from around the world.

"I usually start by holding the globe," Chase says. "I tell them, we are going on a trip around the world."

Then, like the brass with its memory, the man who can't read music yet holds the history of the musical world in his mind takes the children on an unforgettable journey through time.